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student-roomThe Mengütaş Language Education Center can assist in arranging your living accommodations, on the condition you send us a request at least one month in advance of your arrival date.

Stay with a Turkish Family

-You may live with a Turkish family (in a home-stay arrangement). Home-stays are an excellent opportunity for you to practice Turkish, truly immersed in the Turkish life style.

-If you do not wish to stay with a family or if a Turkish home-stay family is not available, you may stay with single Turkish home owners. The single home owners are generally our own language students and teachers who open their houses to international students. You can expect to have breakfast daily, but regular meals may not be served in these houses. Also, there is no curfew for the student. This type of home-stay is more akin to sharing a flat with one or two friends.

Stay in a Dormitory

-You can apply to private dormitories with your student ID and documents that you will receive from the Mengütaş Language Education Center.

-Note that enrollment for a minimum period of 6 months is required for dormitories, and curfew is strictly enforced.

-When registering with a dormitory, you will be required to pay a deposit (which you can take back upon leaving the dormitory).

-There are certain rules and regulations concerning dormitories and all students are expected to abide by these rules. In addition, you are expected to enter and exit the dormitory within the hours set by the dormitory administration.  Home-stay is an avaliable housing option for both male and female students. Home-stays are generally more appropriate for adult students.

-Breakfast and dinner are generally provided in public dorms, and prices are quiet reasonable. (Monthly average USD $ 150-250). However, you should expect to share your room with 3-5 more students.

Costs in private dorms are higher (Monthly average USD $ 600).

Stay in a Hotel

The Mengütaş Language Education Center has a partnership with a hotel within 2 minutes’ walking distance, if you would prefer to stay in more comfortable accommodations.

Airport Transfer

If you would like to have an airport transfer, we can take you directly from the airport to your place of accommodation.

For more information, please contact us.


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