Arabic Language Course, Ankara

Course Description

Allows students to achieve near-native proficiency in modern Arabic and to study the language within its cultural and historical context. Students start as absolute beginners and go through to an advanced level over two years.

  • The course also looks more widely at Arab culture and literature and introduces students to social and cultural trends in the Arab Middle East and beyond.
  • The course is carefully structured so that students can measure their progress step by step.
  • Learning modern Arabic also opens the door to the vast literature of classical Arabic, including religious and secular texts, and provides a perfect platform from which to learn one or more of the colloquial dialects.

Our teaching style is interactive, making learning easier, faster and fun. By practicing day-to-day conversation you will build your vocabulary and understanding of Arabic. Our professional and friendly environment will also enhance your learning experience, enabling you to work towards your language goals.

Our Arab Language Teachers

M. Burhan : Arab Language Teacher

Country: Syria

Countries of Work and Training: Syria and Turkey

Education Status: Suleyman Demirel University Arab Language and Literature, PhD Student

Capability: Arab Lecture Method, Online & Face to Face Class

Lessons Given: Arabic for Turks / for Foreigners

Languages ​​Spoken: Arab, English and Turkish

Course includes:

  • Modern Arabic language courses: Gain competence in reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension, while developing knowledge and understanding of the Arab World.
  • Arabic-based thematic courses: Study documents which introduce you to the cultures of the medieval Arab World; read contemporary literature reflecting life and social trends in modern Arab countries.

Special Features

  • Native speakers of Arabic will be involved in your language teaching at all levels on Arabic Language Courses, and an understanding of the culture forms an inherent part of the language learning. Your study is supported by the multi-media facilities of the Language Centre.  Staff there can also put you in touch with students who are Arabic native speakers.
  • Mengütaş offers excellent general opportunities to communicate with Arabic speakers and to pursue Arab and Islamic interests outside of Mengutaş.
  • The Study Abroad year offers you the opportunity to experience firsthand the lifestyle in the Arab world. You will have the chance to gain skills in conversational language.
  • Personal trainers at Mengütaş will help you plan and reflect on your progress to enable you to develop continuously transferable and academic skills. Your tutor can also help in case of problems.

Teaching and learning

  • You will be taught through a mix of formal lectures, seminars and tutorials. You will spend approximately 6 or 9 hours each week in formal study sessions. For each hour you spend in Mengütaş, you are expected to complete another 2-3 hours of independent study. You will also need to study during the holiday periods.
  • The self-study component can be spent on studying, producing written work, revising for exams or working at the Mengütaş Language Center.

Course and Evaluation

Our programs are evaluated in a variety of ways: exams, oral exams (where language learning is part of your degree), presentations, and courses. Coursework may include library research, linguistic fieldwork, and data collection or web-based research. Many courses are judged by a mix of techniques. You can choose to write a thesis in your last year.

Arabic Language Course

Course teacher M. Burhan
Weekday teaching time 4 hours x 3 days, 12 hours / week
Teaching time on weekends 4 hours x 2 days, 8 hours / week
Average Class Size 8
Maximum Class Size 12
Levels Beginner to Advanced
Course duration From 1 week

Mengütaş Weekend Arabic Course

Course Days: Saturday – Sunday, 4 hours a day and 2 days a week. 32 hours in total per month.

Weekend Hours:




10:00 – 13:10 (4 hours)

14:00 -17: 10 (4 hours)

18:00 – 20:30 (4 hours)

Mengütaş Arabic Normal Course during the week

Course Days: 4 hours / day and 2 days a week. 32 hours in total per month.

Weekday Arabic Course Hours:




10:00 – 13:10 (4 hours)

14:00 -17: 10 (4 hours)

18:00 – 20:30 (4 hours)

Weekday Mengütaş Arabic Intensive Course

Course Days: 4 hours / day and 3 days a week. Total of 48 hours per month.

Weekday Arabic Course Hours:




10:00 – 13:00 (4 hours)

14:00 -17: 00 (4 hours)

18:30 – 21:30 (4 hours)

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