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Private Tutoring, Ankara

We offer customized private and semi-private classes in following languages and exam preparations;

Private Tutoring at Mengütaş

Turkish Course for Foreigners, SAT & YÖS Course for Foreign Students

Western Languages: English, German, Russian, Franch & Spanish

Eastern Languages: Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic & Persian

Exam Preparation Courses: TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, GRE, GMAT & ALES

Looking for a more flexible, customized language learning option? Our private and semi-private courses are designed to meet your individual learning objectives, to fit with your schedule and to offer you the individualized attention you desire.

  • We can formulate a curriculum to meet the needs of each individual person, firm and organization.
  • You can take a course at the time of your choice.
  • Lessons can be carried-forward, so you will not waste time.
  • We can send an instructor to a school or office to teach foreign language program in Mengutash.
  • You can start the course from any day of your choice.
  • We conduct demonstration lessons for free as needed.

Fees of Private or Special Group Class (1 – 3 Students in a Classroom)

Type of Private Tutoring Standart  Intensive
Fees of Private Tutoring (1 – 2 Students) One Student 695 TL/Hour One Student 670 TL/Hour
Two Student each 525 TL/Hour Two Student each 500 TL/Hour
Special Group Class (3 Students) 3 Students Special Group 430 TL/Hour 3 Students Special Group 400 TL/ Hour
 Every Class Hours 50 Minutes

Note: Special discounts will be provided for students who will take lessons for a long time.

Suitable Course Fees and Quality Foreign Language Education at Mengütaş


Mengütaş Foreign Language Education Center 

Mobile Phone: +90 533 096 67 57

WhatsApp: +90 533 761 97 67

Phone: +90 312 231 67 57

E-mail: bilgikut@gmail.com

Web:  http://www.mengutas.com/

Skype: mengütaş

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mengutasdil

Address: Mithatpaşa Cad. No: 38, 3th & 4th Floor, Kızılay, Çankaya / Ankara, TURKEY

Address 2 (Private Tuition): Mithatpaşa Cad. No: 45, 4th Floor, Kızılay, Çankaya / Ankara, TURKEY

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