SAT Course, Ankara

If you’re taking the SAT soon, you can start preparing today with questions from real SATs. After all, we believe all students who want to go to college should be able to prepare for the SAT at their own pace, at absolutely no cost. Download a real, full-length SAT practice test, watch Sat work through real SAT problems, and get even more practice using our interactive exercises, which feature tons of previously-unreleased problems from real SATs grouped by topic and difficulty level.

Details of  SAT Preparation Course

Course Type Standart
Hours per week 15 Hours (3 hours / day, 5 days in week days)
Weekly Distribution Mathematics 9 hours, English 6 hours
Hours per Month 60 Hours
Course day & hours From Monday to Firyday,  5 days, 14:00 – 16:50,
Course Duration 6 month / 360 hours, 3 hours, 5 days, 60 hours / month
5 month / 300 hours, 3 hours, 5 days, 60 hours / month
4 month / 240 hours, 3 hours, 5 days, 60 hours / month
One Class Hours 50 Minutes
Educational Content SAT exam preparation includes Matimatik, Geometry and SAT English
Eğitim Materyalleri Course fees are not included fees of Class Materials.

Mengütaş SAT English Teacher:

Hope N. K.: English Teacher

Nationality: United States of America

Education: St. Marys University in Indiana

Experience: 11 years of work experience, 5 years fulltime Teaching English

English Level: English Native Speaker

Courses Taught: SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, Advanced English, English Speaking

Mengütaş SAT Mathematics & English Teacher:

Maryam Shahi: SAT Mathematics & English Teacher

Citizenship: Iran

Education: TOBB University, Ankara

Experience: 5 years full time SAT Mathematics & English Teaching

English Level: Advanced in English

Courses Taught: SAT and YÖS Mathematics & English

SAT Course Preparation Books

SAT Weekend Course

Course Days: Saturday – Sunday, 5 hours a day and 2 days a week. 40 hours in total per month.

Weekend SAT Course Hours:




09:00 – 13:10 (5 class hours)

2:00 pm – 6:10 pm (5 class hours)

18:00 – 21:10 (4 class hours)

Our Unique SAT Method Will Cover The Following Topics

Building and Developing Skills

  • SAT Writing : Multiple Choice Questions and Essay
    • Developing a perspective and using precise language for the article
    • Testing the use of grammar rules
    • Healing Sentences
    • Reading comprehension
    • Improving Paragraphs
  • SAT Critical Reading : Sentence Completion and Reading Comprehension sections
    • Recognizing word roots, prefixes and suffixes
    • Understanding cause / effect relationships in sentences
    • Managing time effectively to read chapters
    • Making correct inferences and predictions
  • SAT Math : Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry
    • Number Theory, Operations
    • Equations, Factoring, Inequalities, Functions
    • Triangles, Solid Geometry, Points, and Lines
    • Other Mathematical Concepts and Advanced Topics

Real-Time Training and Feedback

  • Practice makes perfect!
    • Lesson and exercise mix in each session
    • Homework with answer keys
    • Practice test review materials
    • Join Mock Tests
    • Get feedback on your written essay
  • Personalized Attention
    • Lots of time in class to answer sample questions
    • Take 4 hours of private tutoring if you are taking face-to-face lessons (Selected Locations Only)
    • Both novice and expert exam takers will learn valuable exam-taking techniques
    • In-depth discussions and step-by-step analysis of getting the correct answer


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