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Student Contract

Mengütaş Student Contract

  1. The authority to change or reschedule classes, change class hours, classrooms and teachers belongs to the management of MENGÜTAŞ.
  2. Registration fees for classes that are canceled due to reasons originating from MENGÜTAŞ are returned. In order to receive a refund, an invoice or original receipt, a petition, a valid ID of the student and an IBAN number are required.
  3. If temporarily freeze registration is shown as a valid excuse, the class change is possible within the possibilities. Registration freeze is valid for a maximum of 6 months.
  4. The institution has the authority to update the course fees according to the minimum wage increase and inflation rate determined by the state.
  5. The fee will not be refunded for a course that will not be attended without a valid reason. If the student transfers his/her rights to another new student, he/she will be able to get his/her fee refunded.
  6. If the student cannot attend classes, he/she may request additional lessons. Students who want to take additional lessons up to 8 hours can take advantage of the discounted private lesson fee (450 TL / Hour).
  7. For the course period paid for, the student may transfer his / her tuition fee to someone else, for the same or another language during the first week of that course period.
  8. For courses that will last more than one month, students who will join the first month and will not be able to come for any reason during the following months must still pay the course fee for the following months.
  9. The students who are registered to the courses in MENGÜTAŞ are deemed to have accepted all the above conditions.

The Management of Mengütaş Language Education Center