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Mengutash is a Ankara leader in exam preparation, with proven techniques to help you learn the skills for a great test-taking experience, plus the language you need to excel.

Our highly focused exam preparation courses will cover all sections of your chosen exam in detail. Learn the test-taking skills and English language that you need to succeed. We offer preparation for the best-known exams in the world. Focus on English qualifications or prepare for graduate programs with Mengutash.

Mengutash EXAM preparation Teachers: 

Dino BASOVIC: Speaking English, Advanced English

Nationality: SerbiaDino

Education: Bachelor’s Degree – Yıldırım Beyazıt University

Experience: 2 years of English Speaking Course, Advanced English Courses, TOEFL Preparation (Serbia & Turkey)

English Level: TOEFL (105), English speaking (fluent)

Courses Offered: TOEFL, Advanced English, English Speaking

Languages: English, Turkish and Serbian

Muhammet Buğra: TOEIC, TOEFL, GMAT, English Speaking 

Nationality: Uyghur Autonomous RegionMemetjan

Education: Undergraduate – China Shanghai Jiaotong University, Master’s – Ankara University

Experience: 3 years teaching English and Chinese, English Speaking Course (Uygur Autonomous Region, China, and Turkey)

English level: TOEFL 91, English Grammar and Writing

Courses Offered: Advanced, Intermediate and Basic English

Languages: English, Chinese, Uyghur and Turkish

Some of our schools are also test centers so you can study and test in the same place. With Mengutash English School, exam preparation courses are the fastest way to get a certificate. Contact us for more information   or choose one of the courses below:

TOEIC Preparation Course

Develop the English Skills You Need for Workplace Success

The global market is more competitive than ever. To gain an advantage and become a more attractive job candidate, you need to show that you can communicate effectively in English. The new online TOEIC® Official Learning and Preparation Course can help you strengthen your English skills and also prepare you to do your best on the TOEIC Listening and Reading test. The course is currently only available in certain markets.

Listening and Reading Test

Show how well you listen and read in workplace English.

Speaking and Writing Tests

Prove your proficiency in an English-speaking workplace.

Practice with Real-Life Workplace Scenarios and Authentic TOEIC Tests

Progressing at your own pace and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the TOEIC Official Learning and Preparation Course is the only course created by the TOEIC examiner. The course content uses real-life workplace scenarios and more than 1,000 real TOEIC test questions to help you strengthen and apply skills that are specially tested in the TOEIC Listening and Reading test. No other online course is better designed to help you develop the English skills you need for everyday workplace situations and succeed in the TOEIC exam.

In the course you will find:

  • Three-stage learning module from beginner to advanced
  • Eight subject-based skills development units per module
  • Interactive exercises that reflect meaningful, real-life workplace situations and tasks
  • Audio narration in the  same sounds you would hear in the real TOEIC test
  • With a fully automated score report  , the diagnostic feedback with  estimation of the TOEIC score range is also  similar to the official score report.
  • An assessment of your strengths and areas you can improve, with suggestions on which lessons you might want to repeat

Course Facts

Location : Ankara / TURKEY

  • Starting Dates : Every Month
  • Course Duration : 4-16 weeks
  • Minimum Age : 16
  • Class Size : 7-13
  • Weekly Lessons :
    Ankara: 20 TOEIC ® Exam Preparation (15 hours) + 15 Structured Study (11.25 hours)
  • Timeline : All courses are Monday-Friday, with morning and afternoon classes only (general timetable below)

Group and Course Hours on Weekdays:

Sabah Afternoon Evening
09:30 – 12:20 (3 seconds) 2:00 pm-4:50pm (3 seconds) 18:30 – 21:20 (3 seconds)

Affordable Course Fees and Quality Foreign Language Education in Mengutaş


Mengutaş Foreign Language Education Center 

Phone: +90 533 096 67 57



Skype: mengütaş

Address: Mithatpaşa Cad. No: 45/8 Kızılay, Çankaya / Ankara, TURKEY


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TOEIC ® Tests – Global Standard to Assess Business English Proficiency

TOEIC ® tests:
  • Help businesses build a more effective workforce
  • Give job seekers and employees a competitive edge
  • Enable universities to better prepare students for the international workplace

Organizations and job seekers around the world trust TOEIC scores to help them get ahead of the competition.

“We choose the TOEIC test since it is the world’s common English test, and we can identify the score as a world standard. The first advantage the TOEIC test offers our company is evaluating and classifying the English level of our staff, therefore arranging positions accordingly. Secondly, a TOEIC score is one of our standards when recruiting new staff and it measures how much time our staff is spending on developing themselves.”
Koji Kikuchi, Chief Representative, NEC Logistics, Vietnam

For more than 30 years, the TOEIC test has set the standard for assessing English-language skills used in the workplace. Today TOEIC test scores are used by nearly 14,000 companies, government agencies and English Language Learning programs in 150 countries, and more than seven million TOEIC tests were administered in 2013.

Workplace Assessments that Meet Business Needs

TOEIC test questions simulate real-life situations that are relevant to the global workplace. Score reports provide accurate, meaningful feedback about a test-taker’s strengths and weaknesses, along with a description of the English-language strengths typical of test-takers performing at various score levels. This allows employers to:

  • Relate test scores to the tasks employees may perform on the job
  • Use the descriptions to inform critical hiring and placement decisions
  • Select the employee with the English-language abilities the job requires

Additionally, ETS’s ongoing research helps ensure that the TOEIC tests are accurate and relevant to today’s changing global workplace, which helps internationally competitive companies hire, place and promote the right candidates year after year.

Standardized Testing Means Reliable Results

TOEIC test scores provide accurate, reliable measurement of English proficiency — they can be compared regardless of where or when the test is administered. For example, last year’s scores of a test taker in Japan can be compared with this year’s scores of a test taker in Korea. Because test takers of any background can be compared fairly, companies can use the TOEIC tests to make the most informed decisions and build a more diverse workforce.

Tüm Sınav Katılımcıları için Eşit Fırsat

ETS ensures that standardized test conditions give test takers an equal opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency.

  • Test administrations follow strict guidelines to ensure a consistent and fair testing experience.
  • A scoring process maintained at the highest standards of quality control gives the most reliable and valid scores available.