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Mengütaş Turkish Teaching Methods

As in all the other departments of Mengütaş, the total method as a kind of eclectic method that we apply in the Turkish department’s teaching activities has been proven throughout the world, to be competent and valid.

The aim is to enable the students to achieve the four basic language skills, which are the listening comprehension, reading comprehension,oral and written expression, without neglecting the grammar. In this way we ensure the students are able to learn equally the six basic skills of language, grammar, reading, listening, dictation, writing and speaking. We closely monitor the world developments in the language teaching area and the newest and most advanced methods are examined and adapted to the teaching of Turkish.

1. Learning Turkish at Mengütaş Language Education Center

The Mengütaş is a high-quality, state-recognized language institution. Our students learn Turkish…

  • In a friendly class atmosphere
  • In high-quality language institution setting
  • With highly experienced teaching faculty
  • With enthusiastic,experienced, competent professionals
  • With interactive teaching methods emphasizing speaking and immersion
  • In conversation classes drawing from real life topics
  • In small class groups
  • With social & cultural activities
  • With one-on-one tutoring on request

If students have previous instruction or knowledge of Turkish, they may sit for a placement exam to determine the appropriate course level, and join one of the ongoing classes to build upon and improve their existing knowledge.

Residence Permit

For foreign students registered to Mengütaş Language Education Center, education certificate will be arranged up to the period of registration, and residence permit will be given by the Ankara Immigration Department Forgeiners Branch.

For more details, please click here: https://www.mengutas.com/en/residence-permit/

Turkish Language Course Education Visa

Admission letters indicating registration to the turkish course will be given by Mengütaş Language Education Center to foreign students for applying to the embassy or consulate of Turkish Republic in their country or residence for education visa to learn Turkish in Ankara to receive education in Turkish universities.

For more details, please click here: https://www.mengutas.com/en/student-visa/

The Devices Used in Education

In Turkish Education in Mengütaş, a series of books named “Yeni HİTİT Yabancılar için Turkçe” (‘New HITIT Turkish for Foreigners’) and Yedi İklim Turkish Book Series are used. These are prepared by the teachers of our school, and are used in all levels of Turkish education, along with extra resources prepared by the Turkish department.

In the advanced level, daily news articles from newspapers and articles from magazines are studied. Some audio-visual devices prepared according to the levels, are used regularly throughout the lessons.

The Turkish Class Work Books “Yeni HiTiT Yabancılar için Türkçe”

This series consists of three books which have been pressed by Ankara University. At the moment, these books are used in our school and in the Turkish courses in some of the European universities, as resources for the lessons.

Beginners start in level A1.

Yedi İklim Turkish Book for Foreigners:

This series consists of six books which have been pressed by Yunus Emre Institute. At the moment, these books are used in our school and in the Turkish courses in some of the European universities, as resources for the lessons.

Beginners start in level A1.

The Mengütaş Turkish language program consists of 3 courses: 

Elementary Turkish: 2 levels (A1 and A2),

Intermediate Turkish: 1 level (B1),

Advanced Turkish: 2 levels (B2 and C1).

Upon successful completion of levels A1 and A2, students receive a “Certificate of Elementary Turkish”.

Upon successful completion of levels B1, students receive a “Certificate of Intermediate Turkish”.

Upon successful completion of levels B2 and C1, students receive a “Diploma of Advanced Turkish”.

2. Turkish Language Programs

Programs Days Times Number of Hours
Intensive Program
5 days per week, 5 hours per day
Weekdays: From Monday to Friday Morning: 09:00-13:30
Afternoon: 14.00-18:00
88 hours / 4 Weeks
Weekend Program
2 days per week, 5 hours per day
Saturday & Sunday Morning: 09:00-13:00
Afternoon: 14:00-18:00
40 hours / 4 Weeks

3. Payment

  • Registration and payment must be made before the start of each term.
  • VAT (tax) is included in course fees.
  • Those who attend the Mengütaş Turkish Course on a student visa should submit payment for at least four months, in their first enrollment. Tuition payments can be made on a monthly basis at a later date.
  • The first payment depends on the student’s program of choice. Students may register for the standart Program, Semi-Intensive Program or Intensive Program.

Turkish Course Fees

Morning & Afternoon Classes
Course days Course hours Course hours per week Hours / Month Course Fee Course duration
5 days 09:00-13:00 or 14:00 – 18:00 22 88 690 TL 4 weeks


Evening Class
Course days Course hours Course hours per week Hours / Month Course Fee Course duration
3 days 18:30 – 21:20 12 48 590 TL 4 weeks


Weekend Class
Course days Course hours Course hours per week Hours / Month Course Fee Course duration
2 days 10:00 – 14:00 or 14:00 – 18:00 10 40 560 TL 4 weeks

Suitable Course Fees and Quality Foreign Language Education at Mengütaş

Duration of each sub-level (ex. A1, A2) varies according to program frequency. One level will be completed in 4 weeks for the Intensive and Semi-intensive Programs, and one level will be completed in 8 weeks in the Standart Program.

According to this program, when a student completes one level successfully, he automatically gains the right to continue to the next level. In our courses, the students who complete Elementary, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels achieve certificates approved by the Ministry of National Education.

5 Levels at Turkish for Foreigners

Elementary Turkish 1 (A1 Level)

The student who completes this stage learns the three basic tenses (past tense, present continuous and future) and the student is able to use them adequately. Also the student can converse in everyday conversations easily and can ask and answer simple questions.

Elementary Turkish 2 (A2 Level)

At the end of this level, our students can converse fluently in everyday conversations. They are able to use some complex phrases and ask and answer some complex questions.

Intermediate Turkish 1 (B1 Level)

After this stage, our students are very fluent in everyday conversation. In addition, they are able to converse and write about more complex topics, and they are able to read newspapers with the aid of a dictionary.

Intermediate Turkish 2 (B2 Level)

The students who complete this level learn many complex phrases and they begin to use them in their conversation. During the lessons at this stage, short newspaper articles are examined. The students are able to discuss and talk about difficult topics.

Advanced Turkish (C1 Level)

At this stage our students learn all the other tenses, and they start using them all. Presentations are introduced into the classroom, and each student presents a topic at least once, that they have prepared at home. Also at this level, some newspaper and magazine articles, which are more complex, are examined during the lessons. The topics in these articles are discussed in the classroom. After this level is completed, the speech of the student improves and becomes extremely fluent.

The students who complete this level are able to speak extremely fluently about any topic. Also they are able to write their opinions and ideas on any subject using the correct rules of writing. At this level, some short stories are also studied in addition to newspaper and magazine articles.

We adapt our programme to suit the individuals requirements regarding their selected field of work or their interests. The student’s skill in using the language, both written and oral is improved intensely. During the course, much speaking and discussion practice takes place. Our students who are successful in the exam at the end of this level, receive diplomas approved by the Ministry of National Education. In the event of a student being offered a place at university, this diploma entitles the student to be exempt from prep. class.

Teaching Staff

All of our teachers are graduates of Turkish Linguistics and the Turkish Language and Literature department. Our teachers have also all achieved their Master’s Degree in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language. Our experienced teaching staff are well-versed in teaching Turkish as a foreign language, due to many years of experience.

Mengütaş Turkish Teachers:

Pelin Özkan: Turkish for Foreigners 

Nationality: Turkey

Education: Istanbul University Turkish Language Teaching Program for Foreigners

Experience: 5 years Turkish Teaching experience at Mengütaş

Courses Taught: Turkish for Foreigners

Languages: Turkish, English


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