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According to the Corona virus decision of the Turkish Ministry of National Education, as of January 04, 2021, Mengütaş offers Turkish for foreigners online through the Zoom program. At the same time, Turkish lessons are also given face to face by taking necessary protection measures in our Center.

Turkish Course for Foreigners

As in all other departments of Mengütaş, it has been proven all over the world that the total method is competent and valid as a kind of eclectic method that we apply in the teaching activities of the Turkish department.

Details of Turkish Course for Foreigners

Course Type Weekdays Intensive Program Weekend Program
Weekly Course Hours 20 class hours (4 class hours a day, 5 days a week) 8 class hours (4 class hours a day, 2 days a week)
Monthly Course Hours 80 class hours 32 class hours
Course Days 5 days from Monday to Friday Saturday – Sunday
Course Duration for Each Level 1.5 months (120 class hours) 3 Months (96 class hours)
Course Hours (convenient) 10:00 – 13:10 14:00 – 17:10 18:00 – 21:10 10:00 – 13:10 14:00 – 17:10
Skills Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing
Training Materials Will be provided for the most affordable fee

Note: One class is 40 minutes class & 10 minutes break

The aim is to ensure that students have four basic language skills, including listening comprehension, reading comprehension, and oral and written expression without neglecting grammar. In this way, we ensure that students learn six basic skills such as language, grammar, reading, listening, dictation, writing and speaking equally. We closely follow the developments in the field of language teaching in the world and the newest and most advanced methods are examined and adapted to Turkish teaching.

1. Learning Turkish at Mengütaş Language Training Center

Mengütaş is a high quality, state-recognized language institution. Our students learn Turkish…

  • In a friendly classroom environment
  • In a high quality language institution environment
  • With highly experienced teaching staff
  • With enthusiastic, experienced, competent professionals
  • With interactive teaching methods that emphasize speaking and immersion
  • Speaking lessons based on real life topics
  • In small class groups
  • With social and cultural activities
  • With one-on-one private lessons upon request

If students have prior education or knowledge of Turkish, they can take a placement test to determine the appropriate course level and join one of the continuing classes to improve and develop their current knowledge.

Residence permit

For foreign students enrolled in Mengütaş Language Education Center, an education certificate will be issued until the registration period and a residence permit will be issued by the Ankara Immigration Office Demirciler Branch.

For more details, please click here:  https://www.mengutas.com/en/residence-permit/

Turkish Course Study Visa

Foreign students in the Republic of Turkey in the country Embassy or to contact the consulate or residence study visa will be issued acceptance letters indicating that records the Turkish course by Mengütaş Language Training Center for applicants to learn Turkish in Ankara to study in Turkish universities.

For more details, please click here:  https://www.mengutas.com/en/student-visa/

Devices Used in Education

The book series named “New HITIT Turkish for Foreigners” (“New HITIT Turkish for Foreigners”) and Yedi İklim Turkish Book Series are used in Turkish Education in Mengütaş. These are prepared by the teachers of our school and are used at all levels of Turkish education with the extra resources prepared by the Turkish department.

At the advanced level, daily news from newspapers and articles from magazines are analyzed. Some audio-visual devices prepared according to the levels are used regularly during the lessons.

Turkish Course Workbooks “New HiTiT English for Foreigners”

This series consists of three books published by Ankara University. Currently, these books are used as a course resource in our school and in Turkish courses in some European universities.

Beginners start at A1 level.

Seven Climate Turkish Book for Foreigners:

This series consists of six books published by Yunus Emre Institute. Currently, these books are used as a course resource in our school and in Turkish courses in some European universities.

Beginners start at A1 level.

Mengütaş Turkish language program consists of 3 lessons: 

Basic Turkish: 2 levels (A1 and A2),

Intermediate Turkish: 1 level (B1),

Advanced Turkish: 2 levels (B2 and C1).

Students who successfully complete the A1 and A2 levels receive the “Basic Turkish Certificate”.

Students who successfully complete B1 levels receive an “Intermediate Level Turkish Certificate”.

Students who successfully complete the B2 and C1 levels receive an “Advanced Turkish Diploma”.

2. Turkish Language Programs

Programs Days Times Number of Hours
Intensive Program
5 days a week, 4 class hours a day
Weekdays: Monday to Friday Morning: 10: 00-13: 10
Afternoon: 14.00-17: 10
80 class hours / 4 weeks
Weekend Program
2 days a week, 4 class hours a day
Saturday Sunday Morning: 10: 00-13: 10
Afternoon: 14: 00-17: 10
32 class hours / 4 weeks

Note: One class is 40 minutes class & 10 minutes break

3. Payment

  • Registration and payment must be made before each term begins.
  • Course fees include VAT (tax).
  • Those who attend the Mengütaş Turkish Course with a student visa must pay for at least four months in their first registration. Tuition payments can be made monthly at a later date.
  • The initial payment depends on the student’s chosen program. Students can enroll in the standard Program, Semi-Intensive Program or Intensive Program.

Turkish Course Fees

Morning and Afternoon Lessons
Course days Course hours Course hours per week Hour / Month Course fee Course duration
5 days 10:00 – 13:10 or 14:00 – 17:10 20 class hours 80 class hours 4900 TL 4 weeks
Evening Class
Course days Course hours Course hours per week Hour / Month Course fee Course duration
3 days 18:00 – 21:10 12 class hours 48 class hours 3900 TL 4 weeks
Weekend Lesson
Course days Course hours Course hours per week Hour / Month Course fee Course duration
2 days 10:00 – 13:10 or 14:00 – 17:10 8 class hours 32 class hours 3900 TL 4 weeks

Affordable Tuition Fees and Quality Foreign Language Education in Mengütaş

The duration of each lower level (eg A1, A2) depends on the program frequency. One level will be completed in 4 weeks in the Intensive and Semi-Intensive Programs, and every 8 weeks in the Standard Program.

According to this program, when a student successfully completes a level, he / she automatically gains the right to move on to the next level. Our students who complete the Elementary, Middle and Upper-Secondary levels in our courses have certificates approved by the Ministry of Education.

5 Levels in Turkish for Foreigners

Basic Turkish 1 (Level A1)

Completing this stage, the student learns the three basic tenses (past tense, present and future) and the student can use them adequately. In addition, the student can easily chat and ask and answer simple questions in everyday conversations.

Basic Turkish 2 (Level A2)

At the end of this level, our students can converse fluently in daily conversations. They can use some complex expressions and ask and answer some complex questions.

Intermediate Turkish 1 (Level B1)

After this stage, our students become very fluent in daily conversation. They can also chat and write about more complex topics and read newspapers with the help of a dictionary.

Intermediate Turkish 2 (B2 Level)

Students who complete this level learn many complex expressions and start using them in their conversations. Short newspaper articles are examined in the courses at this stage. Students can discuss and talk difficult topics.

Advanced Turkish (Level C1)

At this stage, our students learn all other times and start using all of them. Presentations are introduced to the class, and each student presents a topic he or she has prepared at home at least once. In addition, some of the more complex newspaper and magazine articles at this level are examined in the classes. Topics in these articles are discussed in class. After this level is completed, the student’s speech improves and becomes extremely fluent.

Students who complete this level are able to speak extremely fluently about any topic. In addition, they can write their opinions and ideas on every subject using the correct spelling rules. In addition to newspaper and magazine articles, some short stories are also examined at this level.

We adapt our program to suit the needs of individuals based on their chosen field of study or interests. The student’s ability to use both written and spoken language is developed intensively. A lot of speaking and discussion exercises are done throughout the course. Students who pass the exam at the end of this level receive diplomas approved by the Ministry of Education. If a student is offered a place at the university, this diploma entitles the student to be exempt from preparation. class.

Turkish Teachers

All of our teachers are graduates of Turkish Linguistics and Turkish Language and Literature. All of our teachers have received their Master’s degrees in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language. Our experienced faculty members are knowledgeable about teaching Turkish as a foreign language due to their many years of experience.


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